Thursday, October 4, 2012

What Generation am I?

Curiously I had a look, according to Wikipedia Generation Y covers 1983-2010 very roughly. Some things accurately describe me and some do not at all. For example I'm less likely to practice organized religion, False. and also skeptical of religion, True.

Apparently we learnt from the mistakes of our parents and are setting about to trial lots of jobs to find the right one, so that we are happy in our chosen career. And same same but different we are specifically avoiding the possibility of divorce, having known kids whose parents went through all that turmoil.

Also there was a restructuring of the “coming of age” ceremonies with the advent of teenagers, a new age bracket with spending money that advertisers have newly acquired in this generation. For me I still enjoy being a “youth” at youth groups and things, for example ~5years ago we were visiting my grandparents church and they said

“can the children come forward for the children’s chat” I couldn’t see anybody else without grey hair so I supposed that hey meant me. It turned out that there was two families with tiny tots sitting in the back pew and they came forward as well. For me I think I stopped being a boy when a random stranger in the supermarket told her daughter to move out of the way and referred to me as a man.

My generation apparently prefers to live at home, for economic stability and therefore has a strong relationship with their parents. Well I’ve done that and seen that and the reason I’m alone at home now is that my parents left town. Personally though I have never had any issued in getting a job to do. Which is good because I cant stomach having nothing to do when I get up in the morning. There must be some challenge for me to face.

Some people refer to this as the “Trophy Generation” because we like to compete in things and get graded on whatever we do. But the main thing is to participate in these events. After all only one person can win a tournament. It’s a bit sad when you came second in a marathon and then have to tell people that there were only three entrants.

I’m actually surprised at how accurate some of what I found out is, the more I researched this the more interesting it became. I defiantly go against the flow in some areas but in others that is the normal thing to expect. Also the Strauss-Howe theory of a four generation cycle sounds very much like the repetitions of a community development theory. It goes like this:

1 High: expand & stabilize the organized community

2 Awakening: understand and rebel

3 Unraveling: We are all individuals, join us

4 Crises: establish and define new community

So I was born and grew up in an unraveling cycle, will be one of the leaders of the organization and in my old age will criticize all the rebels. Sounds like I was destined to be a Rotarian. I’m also given the title Hero in this theory, I like that.

Overall though this is just a label by which marketing executives can pigeonhole people and the media can form stereotypes. Just like that being Australian means that I wear boardies, own a Drizabone, and hang out with my mates at the local drinking schooners.