Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kiteboarding: the next step


So its not the gusts that make flying a kite difficult it’s the lack of wind. I’m yet to fly in too much wind and have gotten the hang of avoiding/compensating for gusts. Also I tried surfing (regular surfing) the challenging part is to jump onto the board the easy part is standing on it and maintaining balance. But I doubt I can drive a surfboard (that hasn’t any straps) and the kite at the same time. So I defiantly need to acquire one. I like the idea of the mini-surfboard things and racing with dad but everybody else seems to have a twin tip board and do jumps.

Following up on this I decided to buy a board, it turns out that the surfboards are not mini at all and I’m supposed to get a 6 foot board. Well that made the decision much easier. I went with this from kiteline. They were able to deliver last time and the board was on sale and fairly generic.

I’m going to set the goal of the 17th of November to be able to tack and jibe. By that weekend I should be ableto sail with Dad on Lake Callide.