Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leveling up the least fun ability

Seems to me that in GW2 my roleplay will be determined by howmuch I dislike the other abilities rather than by how cool a particular tequnique is. First of I rolled a thief so that I could play Hyperdimensional Frog, the athletic Sheila. But I find I never use the F1, its out of the way and not terribly usefull and I feel like I’m supposed to know what I am steeling and how to use it. Then there is the dodge, normally Frog really likes dodging, but its also normally an innate. Double tap is hard to do. Maybe I’ll have another go at this later but for the time being a necromancer will be my main.

Anoiki has the same issues though. There isn’t enough different tactics options for me to struggle to choose between them. This is partially because in ADOM I could have a hoard of zombies and skeletons following me. So for a choice of three minions I figure “why bother even summoning them?”