Sunday, September 16, 2012

weekend 16 9

Well I feel like I've had a really fruitful weekend and I'm not likely to be eaten at all.
First off, Friday I met a girl who asked what I was interested in. I answered Anime & Computer games. and here is the surprising thing I got followup questions...not the sort where people don't understand what I said, the sort she was interested and had enough knowledge on the topic to pry me for more information. Later I reciprocated her query but I phrased it like this "So, what do you do when you're not at work?" The answer was "Go shopping, hang out with friends and clean the house" That really threw me. My first thought was thats exactly what I do too. My second thought was Wow boys and girls really are different and this feels like deja-vu. My third though was about how to respond.
Next time somebody asks me what I'm interested in I'll say "hanging out with friends and learning stuff"  thus highlighting the spiritual/emotional aspects of what I do rather than the physical/mental methods of how I do it.

Since I had so much fun friday I slept all the way through my alarm Sat morning. As a result i didn't get to the beach for coffee. Instead I got DOSBox to work and tried to play ADOM, but there is no difficulty settings and I barely remember the keyboard commands. I wanted to get a screenshot of a necromancer fighting a lich whilst they are both summoning zombies.
Since that was such a failure I played GW2 until lunch, these necromancers have a pitiful amount of minions.
I used the rest of the daylight failing to fly my kite.
Then my plan to go bowling was transmogrified to a lazy no rush evening, so I dropped in out of the blue on a certain birthday boy. That snowballed into a invitation for tea and I watched a play about a plant. I feel a little more cultured and fertilized now. Finished up the day with chocolate birthday cake.
Saturday was so full that,

I slept in again on Sunday, all the way past 7am.
Church was very different, from there I drove directly down to the beach.
This time the kite was much more responsive and the only time it hit the sand was when I needed to go home to watch anime.
Gokusen was on the cards again for the second week running, slightly less people to share with this time but that made the TV easier to setup. and it made the couch cosy.
Once we had seen three and fore the number was reduced to two. One is more uptodate with Naruto than the other so we had a recap on episodes 132 to 136, left that on a great cliffhanger with Sasuke about to lose an eye.

Overall a fairly fruitful weekend I think.