Monday, September 17, 2012

Still addicted to learning

1 Share
I’ve managed to invite a few groups of people over for meals of recent. The biggest milestone being for my birthday.

2 Prepare
Dunno about this, I suppose it took me three years to get prepared to buy into kitesurfing.
I’ve been able to manage a weekly dynamic to do list and actually use my gmail calendar in my phone.That helped a lot when comparing notes for Levi visiting earlier in the year.

3 Efficiency
Aurore reminded me of how to fill in my weekends and of how many multitude of things there are to do around town. I also saved up enough dough to buy a 12m kite.

4 mental
Learning to kitesirf and dance still, Guildwars2 is new for me and it seems to be a MMO that I am happy to play for a long time yet. Seems I have sporadically taken up water hockey too. My JP application thing fell through. I'm not exactly sure why, I may have failed their test but when I rang up to ask they said the exam system was being restructures and that the person I need to talk to just went on holidays for a month. I sort of gave up after that. Speaking of giving up, I never went back to wednesday Trivia nights at the pub after my christmass holidays.

5 physical
Will see where kitesurfing gets me this summer. Also I’ve been on the occasional afternoon bike ride with Beth. Since putting my thoughts about dancing on paper to remind myself why I do it I feel like I’ve been more erect. Waling around work I occasionally pretend I’m about to sing, so like Siegfried I get a better posture, then when I’m slouching I slouch with purpose and often put my weight on my other foot without changing the posture of my slouch, applying the technique Gamaku. Apparently I should learn to dance like David Elsewhere.

6 spiritual
Nothing big, Bible studies on Wednesday, getting more into youth again. I should go camping one weekend this summer and sleep under the stars. Volunteering with youth still too.

7 emotional
ROTORACT people have been interesting. Also this Sunday past I said Hi to a random Sheela who was snorkeling, just because she was snorkeling. Had a bit of a chat then I went back to packing up my kite.

8 recovery
I got heat stroke in PNG when I visited Nicole and came home with some skin irritation that was dissolving my back, it took a month or so to clear up and wasn’t bed bugs. I got a cold to at the end of August, seemed like everybody was sharing.

9 fun
We have had an occasional run of weekly Sojourns and the occasional event with three attendees. Also I went to Toowoomba for a spring ball for no other reaon than I thought it may be fun, and it was.

0 not ashamed
I filled out a profile on Anime-Planet in order to quietly brag about my anime watching prowess.

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