Sunday, January 22, 2012

Skyzer the Skraeling

Skyzer the Skraeling, Playing Progress Quest there is a race called the Skraelings. I couldn't help but call that character Skyzer. Then I went to look for where the name came from. According to Wikipedia Skraelings are the people that the norse Vikings called barbarians. That is to say they are the barbarians, barbarians. Although they were happy to trade anything for milk & honey. That seems like a very biblical thing to do to me. Apparently 23 verses mention milk and honey, but none are in the 23rd psalm. 20 of those verses refer to “ A land flowing with milk and honey” the other three are SoS 4:11, 5:1 and Isaiah 7:22 these ones fit better with Skyzer I think. There would be no point in obtaining more milk and honey if there were already rivers of it flowing through your country.

So that makes Skyzer a barbaric savage who doesn’t own a goat, but I am a bit of a romantic fool and a mercenary when it comes to the finer things in life.

Recently I found Skyzer the Squire in Dungeon Defenders and once he picked up a katana I knew I had found my weapon, although I must say that mostly I've been upgrading the attack speed of my towers.
All in all this is a decent game for psizomijitsu, but its a bit disappointing that only 4 technomancers can play at any one time. There is DLC to double that but none of us have picked it up as yet. Ive already been playing as Anoikis, the healthy monk. Seems to me that i need two high level heroes to help my friends, one for towers and one for melee. and since Deo is talking to me that is all I will write now.