Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Land Voyage - To the Mana bar!

So the plot goes something like this:

After packing totally casual clothes the Panda tells us that slacks are in order and all shirts should have collars. A little repacking was required, attire more suited to The Ship. On the road we started a video diary. But by Gympie the ipad was flatter than a crazy gods 3 week old bottle of Pepsi Max. Initially our auditory sensors were assaulted by a drone regarding assault. Soon enough we switched to another radio frequency and found a manly discourse on manliness at least that’s what he said, mostly it was about etiquette. But we did learn how to fold pocket squares and about Bar-Tits-U, the manly martial art. Eventually we cruised into a bunker and unloaded all out munitions. Then careened into Chinatown to look for crates and discarded noodle boxes. The noodles I found came in a bowl and ROFL managed to splash curry onto my manly berserker chest, at least he would have if he hadn’t donated a shirt to me earlier. Once we had all consumed our consumables we ambled onwards our final destination, the Manabar.

Really not what I expected at first. Overall it was a small pub. But after 9 it became cozy. I’m glad now that we arrived early and had a chance to scope the place our and look at all the games without sharing when we first arrived. The drinks were expensive but I wouldn’t have bought anything other than the mixed drinks as they fit the theme. The Health potion wasn’t pleasant at all but then again I suppose that makes it a health potion. One of the games appears to have been named after me, Guitar Hero was a little hard to hear but since the Beetles were playing I could sing along to most of the songs.

What happened at 9 to make it cozy? Well out the window I saw a sushi shop and was intrigued. Could I make this type of consumable? Would it restore my health in a more pleasant manner than the potion had? What is that in the window? Is it a train?

It was a train. Trains are cool, trains with food are even cooler.

After a while I was no longer intrigued, instead I was bamboozled. But trains with food are still cool. Then Panda's dad arrived and spoke of far of lands where it’s so primitive that they install wireless access points in trees. He made the food better.

More stuff about the pub... arrival of Revi and the nearly techodanceparty…

On Sunday Sam rose early to checkout the backpackers, when he was done we made way to the mall to meet a mountain of a man. Since the man mountain wore a manly tie and sold pocket squares I felt the need to buy a manly tie too. Then we found out why safety razors are more manly than unsafe razors. Our next quest was to find some manly hats, we needed a collection of various hats. But first we found comic books.

Later for lunch we retired in a romantic Irish tavern and reveled as RORL read from his rose petal book about the sensual effects of vampirism, at the time I was experiencing the same sensations. But for me the effect resulted from a ravishing blood pudding and pint of Kilkenny, really quite refreshing.

I nearly procured a top hat and sundowner but I was unsure if I had the correct faceshape to pull it off so I thought I'd await the Hattery, which we never found. Then it rained, I do believe that rain is not so good for felt hats, one wonders where one would wear a top hat, not in the rain, not inside, not while eating (except in a manly café outside).

Following that with more haste than speed we arrived too late to watch a Sherlock Holms movie, instead we started to watch the girl with the dragon tattoo. At the point in the movie where she gets raped I felt the need to leave, and Revi felt the need to follow me. We discussed the movie a little and felt that we were still in the into as nothing had really happened yet. As nothing plotwise had occurred we found we nolonger had the desire to return to the movie once the rape scene was over. So we went looking for a better movie and saw the start of the iron lady, seemed like a decent movie that I wasn’t really interested in. Although the filming was great and the way that they introduced the story was really interesting, dealing with Alzheimer’s I think.

Then we ended up with Sherlock Holms, and that’s a real manly movie, definitely worth watching. Me and Revi probably saw the middle hour of it. This movie really brought together ROFL’s read, it had everything from canes and umbrellas to polished shoes to pocket squares. Next it was onto church.

This was another scouting mission but a side quest, for bonus XP. I found myself on familiar ground, SNL was almost exactly the same as going to my Baptist church at Uni. Lots of singing complex songs a testimonial, sermon as a part of a theme, mostly uni people (harder to drive yourself to church when you don’t have a car) and a few faces that I recognized. As a reward for completing this quest we got a decent meal of pasta for a mere 3 Lucre.

Then came the saga, it was a long sleepy trek back to our respective normal habitats. Since we never really had a bossfight there must be more quests to come. Possibly out opponent bars the way into the Hattery?

The other Technomancers that made this sojourn possible were: Deo_the_Drunkard, VRBones, ¿Panda¿, Panda’s Dad, Revi Two Hands, ROFLHarris, ¿MountainMan¿ , Josh Levifriend and me, Raskalnickoff.

EDIT: Panda usually goes by the name Duffman although I've known him usually as Pandaburp. and I don't know MountainMan very well but rumor has it he goes by the tag Minimus Cumulus.