Friday, December 23, 2011

LOL: 3v3v3 map

Concept based around a hexagon like a Benzene ring. Each corner of the map contains a base similar to that found in a 5v5 map, but without the 3 turrets at the nexus.
When your nexus is defeated your champions still respawn and can play but your team cannot win.
At champion select also vote for starting position, default location already has 1 vote. At a draw or if teams all vote for the same place then it is random, so you will either end up where you voted for or at your default location.
IP awarded depending on how well you played plus winning bonus, like dominion.
Baron in centre of the map and the minions circle him so that they are out of range of each other. Dragon present at the start of the game but baron replaces him when killed.
You have 2 turrets on the side lanes and one to baron.
Dragons live in empty bases, where the nexus would be.
12 jungle camps (2 in each triangle) so 16 total jungle camps.
Can use the shops at empty bases, cannot heal there though and no nexus turret.
Minion wave has 4 casters and 4 melee. 2 of each stealth when moving so they sometimes can pass each other around baron
Unused towers are passive, only attacking as defence but if you kill one you get gold and full health + mana.

Green = Creep; Blue/Red/Yellow = teams; B = Baron/Base; T = Tower; Dot = Jungle Camp

Default configuration with blue minion path mapped out.

end game blue V red, blue path shown

end game blue v yellow, blue path shown

Blue Path, crowded corner.