Thursday, March 27, 2014

Euro4 starting the Camino

Spanninsh windows7 this time. I am pleased I can navigate computers well.

Well Ihave a computer again with which to blog, but ithas been so long that I cannot remember whichgerman town this was in.
Sometimes my panorama shots do not work well, sometimes they are fine reguardless.
Above is an old kings castle I think, the golden eagle is in a small park behind it with the coat of arms for the city.

The following few pictures are from the morningwhere I went to meet Krisi after her languageclass at 1PM, so I explored around Tubengen a bit by myself.

What I thought was going to be a nice park to rest in turned out to be a very old graveyard.

Mostly germany isextreemly clean, but they dont have designated paper recycling bins, so it waits in miscelanious boxes on the curbuntill somebody else come to take it all away.

Some of my family, accidentally uploaded because it was still on my camera.

The church below is supposed to be interesting but the local TV station was filming somethingthere all day. I remember seeing This photo from the inside of the church on wikipedia so I took one from the outside. Thisis "St. George being broken on the wheel, St. Georg Stift, Tübingen, Germany"
Nicole asked for lots of photos...

Resting at the Tübingen castle.

Retro Gaming is totally a thing here, I also have seen places in spain to buy a GBA for 30€
Here isa good measure of the exchange rate, AUS 1 mars bar =$2.00, Germany =0,30€ = $0.45
From this seat and at thith time, on the way to Ulm I learn:

Ganjang gonjang gonjangjang uen gang igo,
dwenjang gonjang gonjangjang uen jang gonjangjang ida.

Chef of the soysaucefactory is Mr,Gang,
chef of the miso factory is Mr.Jang.

Does dan know what this reads?

I really shouldhave made this a new post, but I ran out of time when I was uploading it in Pamplona.

Finally arriving at the-place-with-a-long-name

I thought the aboveportal wasthe start ofthe way, but I had once again made the assumption that the sun is always in the north and began the day by walking in the wrong direction.

Then below I was again lost, rezorted to my GPS, untill I ran out of battery. Then a kind local stoppedtheir car and pointed way down to hill sayingthe caminoisnear the river.
So these signswere quite a releife whenever I saw one.

I like spring, at home springjust means magpies attack me, here there are flowers on what previously looked like dead trees.

Some signs are not particularly helpfull.
Luca, my first photo of another pilgrim and he laterturnedinto a friend.

Apparently this stuff is called "Sleet" and once it haslanded lookslike what comesout of a slushie machine.

Here follows a night out in Pamplona, Ididntknow whichphoto to use so they are all there.

This is actually not my phone

Andthats it, all the way to Pamplona, the city of Pinchos