Saturday, April 13, 2013


“There’s no place like home.” Said Alice as she left the world of Oz. What did she mean? Home is where your heart is? Home is where you hang your hat?
I spoke with my older Bro about this this week. Currently our immediate family is rather spread out. And like as not in the next six years it will only get more spread out. While generally mum and dad’s families are both based in Adelaide there are not actually many relatives there anymore.
So it won’t always be easy to catch up, maybe weekends away we can manage. But to have everybody arrive at the same place at the same time, well that may require us to have kids and be going on a family camping trip during the school holidays. Other than that we communicate with technology, GW2 or LOL for example. If that’s the case though then there is not a lot of difference between being in Australia or not (note: it’s un-Australian to be patriotic).

Where else could I picture settling down? What could be a new geographical location to call home?
I like the ocean, but not having everything go rusty from the salt spray. I like mountains but not steep driveways. I like hiking through forests with rockpools but not leaches. I like being indoors on my PC but also camping. I like not needing to wear a shirt or shoes but enjoy Taverns and coffee shops. I like learning and trying new things but I’m getting older and more resistant to change. I like new cultures and their philosophical standpoints but I can only speak English.

And then there is my ten steps to take with me and the risk of time travel.
I suppose for me I’ll take home with me because home is where my heart is and where I am I’m at home. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it and is hard to seek refuge there. Another way to look at it is that this body of mine is a gift from God, a vessel or a tent which I’m temporarily residing in and which is my responsibility to look after. Perhaps this is why nobody in my family has a specific attachment to real-estate. Or maybe it’s just because we aren’t farmers.