Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Amulet of Life Saving

It was a “charm of food preservation”, not an “amulet of life preservation” not that anybody noticed the difference until it was too late. I was a rather poorly child growing up, at least my mother though so. So she bought this for me from some old dude in a back ally. Not knowing what an “Amulet of Life Saving” was supposed to look like, or that they were illegal. It seemed unusual in the way that magic usually does. The chain was made of “preservation Charms”, often a single charm would be nailed to the door or your pantry to keep food from going stale. Only one charm is really needed though some people may put another on a luchbox or the like for travelling. The pendant was supposed to have been enchanted with troll’s blood for regeneration and fast healing. But eventually we found that the symbol ☣U+2623 was in fact made of vampires blood and was cursed, not that I noticed. Why would you want to remove your healing charm?

As for its effectiveness, well it didn’t make me any less healthy and rare meat sure rejuvenated me, never thought to try it raw. Nothing terribly bad ever happened to put it to the test either. Until … well I don’t really want to talk about that.

But yeah, I cant remove it and I cant really die, not that I look particularly alive. I do heal up, but that’s only really effective if I drink the blood of the living. I’m happy enough eating raw meat, but living like a vampire is a little extreme. Better I think to cover up with a coat and gloves, occasionally pretending I’m a leper or some such. I wasn’t always a free man, so this has only been a recent concern.

You see it wasn’t me who first found out I couldn’t properly die. And then by the time they killed me enough to make me realise my Amulet should have broken everything I was already trapped. I suspect at first it was some sort of assassins guild that bought me to practice on but then I had a fair bit of freedom. Well they were trying to take me by surprise as well as kill me. But at some point things changed…messily. Then I was imprisoned more literally and practiced on by several of the more unpleasant underworld professionals. Not something I can spend much time dwelling on. Eventually I wasn’t rescued but the dungeon that was my home was, unmade. Then being who I am I was able to extrude myself from the wreckage. It seems nobody was left that knew I would survive something like that. Thus my freedom was gained, such as it was.

I suppose you are wondering what happened to my necklace, well the few people who may have been able to help remove the curse chose instead to “improve“ on the enchantment, or attempted to copy it. Well I’m not really sure where it is, but I know that it’s magic lingers still.

And so I remain, cursed to preserve, not able to die and because of that not really able to live either.