Monday, December 17, 2012

Lubuntu: another attempt to replace windows

Once again I'm goingto have a go at using linux instead of windows. This time the primary cause is that my PC at work had corrupted the system files.

for general install

for installing to USB, so I can use at work and home.

I used an old Lubuntu 10.10 install CD and attempted to partition my USB to 8GB ext4 “\”, 4GB ext4 “\home” and 4GB swap. But every partition had ~4 bytes added or taken from it so they none of them were nice round numbers.

After installing the OS I restarted the PC and ran the performance test, then restarted a few more times. Seems best to consistently keep the USB in the same slot otherwise it resets the boot order and occasionally boots Windows. Also I can only use the GRUB to start XP on the computer I used to install Lubuntu, all the others say serial number not found.
After sorting that out. On my broken PC, load times from GRUB to login screen were
3:29 Lubuntu
1:31 XP Pro
Where as on my new work laptop both systems took 20 seconds to load.

Next I’ll need to update the OS to current; 12.10
Apparently steam will have a linux beta this week open to the public.
Run full Ubuntu on BYO? Seems a slow but it shouldn’t be. Win7 ran fine and a clean install of XP should also work well.
Want Lubuntu for USB and laptop and if that works well I’ll put it onto BYO as well.
I should reformat the \home directory to FAT32 so that I can access some of the usb when it is in a windows pc. Otherwise it keeps suggesting I reformat my drive.

After that replace chrome with FF and add VLC for my anime.
Then to use it at work I probably need Java + Open Office, With that I can hopefully install NCSTools and Citect.