Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Camino: The Way of St James

Note: I don’t want to be somebody who talks about stuff and is full of dreams. I want to be a person who lives. I thought about kitesurfing for three years before committing and this is a similar thing. It was a possibility to do the walk of St James for my gold DofE but I went to Nepal instead. Over the years this trip has become more appealing and I now have some people I personally know in Europe who I could visit. Knowing a local makes holidays a lot more relaxing.

Min 100k for certificate
Average 5kph
Say 8h a day walking, therefore 40km per day
3 days easy to complete
That would be ~20 days at 40km per day
+10 days for site seeing along the way. Since Caroline took 30 days to complete the trip.

Maybe 3 days to recover from jetlag?
3 days in Norway to see Scott Bowes
3 Days to see Aurore
3 Days to see Kristina
Possibly also Stephan and Eduard?
I suppose most people would be working, but I could catch up in the evenings and maybe somebody could walk with me?

40days in Europe would be a nice number, making the most of the price of airfares too.

$2000 or so for airfares each way?
About the same for spending cash

Need a week or so to see Levi get ordained in December 2013
Possibly a Jan-Feb-March holiday?

I’m frightened to plan this for 2013, it seems too soon and will be harsh on my back account.
But the longer I leave it the worse I will feel about failing to act.
Unless I save it up for a later in life thing like a honeymoon? But that would require a wife and I’m still single, so I dont know how much later "later" would be.

Kk so holidays for 2013 will be:
1 week in Jan with Dad sailing for his BDay in Hervy Bay
1 week kitesurfing somewhere somehow
1 week kitesurfing somewhere somehow
1 Week to see Levi graduate as a Pastor on or about the 8th of december

Then 2014
Easter is April 18-21
Somewhere march-April-May could be my Eurotrip?
All my holidays at once

God willing it will be so, if not then …um, well I’m prepared to be unprepared.