Thursday, November 22, 2012

[SOLVED] xinput1_3.dll is missing

so I have a new PC now and am slowly getting my games onto it. Some I can copy, I'll backup and transfer most of my steam library but some I think will be easier to redownload.

HAWKEN wouldnt run, apparently XINPUT1_3.dll is missing

I wont download dll files from the net, and didnt think reinstalling the game immidiatly would help.

so I installed MWO, same thing.

Still havent backed up a steam game to try that, so I attempted to reinstall Dx11. Not helpfull at all

found the file on my old XPPC and added it to the same location in my Win7 box.

3 of the locations I found didnt exist, possibly I need to install "microsoft XNA Game Studio" (that where I found it) but I cant install that if I dont have "visual studio 2010" or "visual C# 2010 Expres" getting less likely that I need this but it was probably on my old PC for a reason.

Now I have a different error, actually the text is all the same exept for the file it is talking about, now D3DCompiler43.dll is missing
On the other hand now MWO does nothing.

Ok for missing this file the internet still reccomends updating DX11, well windows says I cant. so I'll just go for another SDK I suppose.

Hrm, after downloading the SDK and begining to restore some games to steam I tried MWO and it just loaded without any issues? Maybe it is like Age of Empires Online where it works after you try 5 times in a row?

HAWKEN still doesnt work though.

the DX SDK install failed 2x and suggested I close all my other programs. Apparently if I have more recent redistributable packages then I cannot install the basic one.

well that didnt sound like fun so I restarted my PC and played a round of MWO, now HAWKEN works too.

So the solution was either attempting to install the Dx SDK and XNA Game studio or ....
... Have you tried turning it of and on again?