Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Business card for Technomancers Sojourn Inc

I like the concept of the QR code, people we spam can google out name the old fashioned way, or scan the QR code to access our website. From that they can contact us and we can easily remember the webpage.

I like the blocky font that Sam found, it looks clean and precise and matches he QR Code.

I like the color RGB<0,1,0> as it reminds me of the old monochrome game consoles. Black background fits with this and whitespace to wright on.

We need our name in some form “Technomancers Sojourn Inc.”. As for what we do “E-Sport” covers most things nicely, Also our incorporated association number makes it feel a bit more official to me, although I have not seen anybody else use that number for anything.

A logo would be nice but I couldn’t think of one I like, the medical snake around a broadsword is a possibility but how other than t&S does that relate to who we are?
This is also a nice picture, possibly we could use a small imitation of the map of the internet? It may not work in monochrome though. Logo’s should be easily recognizable, even as just a silhouette. Probably no more than four colours, and possible to print clearly on a high speed printing press. I had a go creating something like that here.

The space that we use to personalize our cards with name and contact details should have some form of heading I feel. But you can always wright on the back of the card too.



sudo-u (runs command as the following user)
sudo-H (sets the home directory)

MSD (CD.. or VER or format /V)