Saturday, February 25, 2012


Turns out that while I explained the origins of Anoikis and Skyzer I haven't mentioned Dimitri at all. I dont think Dimitri is as old as Frog, I seem to recall searching Dads flash bookshelf that stood at the entrance to the manse for the book "War and Peace" to check the spelling. We only got these books after grandpa died. But I don't remember exactly when that was. But that makes it ~2003 when I started to use the tag Dimitri Raskalnickoff frequently. The problem with frog is that such a short easy to remember name is often taken by other people. So I wanted something new that I could be unique in using. Occasionally it has been too long to fit as a username but I do use it a lot still, eg here. I wonder if VRBones prompted my search for a unique name to use? I dont think I knew him then, but he did motivate me to make it my own.

Other that that back in primary school I read War and Peace, I enjoyed it but didn't really figure out who the characters were until near the middle, how the various stories related to each other and all that. One of the characters had the name Raskalnikov or something like that, although after a quick google maybe the book was Crime and Punishment? At any rate I used the name with the phonetic spelling of what I remembered. Dimitri was added where a first name was required.

And so now when I google Raskalnickoff I am pleased to see results only about me and the places that I have been.