Friday, February 24, 2012

Are kittens evil?

Are kittens evil? Well that makes for an interesting pun in Japanese because Kawaii (cute) sounds just like Kowai (frightening). So even though Ratman may work for an “evil” organization, they still play with kittens. Thus the heroes, the so called “good guys” will end up being pompous, arrogant self-righteous fools. Then there will be the good natured klutz that always makes things worse even though they have the best of intentions.
It’s just a small change of viewpoint required to allow a “good” nation to declare war on an “evil” one. Once you have those distinctions it is easy to justify breaking any on the Ten Commandments, and say “I am excused”. They are my evil enemy so it’s OK for me to steal, kill, rape and pillage. When you have done that enough to be the winner then you can wright the history books and tell the whole world how “good” you were. After all isn’t it obvious that they suffered more from Original Sin than me?
Then what are “good” and “evil” but labels? They might easily be replaced with "Us" and "Them". The protagonist is always "good" they are one of "Us". Tales are always told from the point of view of the winners and of course they will portray themselves as the good guys.
After changing to “us” and “them” you can use the power of Empathy to transmogrify the titles to “them” and “us”.  Now with a change of perspective the “good guys” are evil. They are powerful bullies that blew up my home and destroyed my business. All my friends and business associates are in their prison and I no longer have a safe place to raise a family. They are a chaotic force that upset all my plans and go out of their way to make my life miserable. I’m also curious about how we decide who is “Us” and who is “Them” But I’ll muse more on that later.
So what do you think; Are kittens frighteningly cute? Or are they the embodiment of evil overlords hiding under a fluffy coat?