Saturday, August 20, 2011

Addicted to Learning

After getting my Duke of Edinburgh's Awards people asked me what I got out of it and I think the biggest thing was an addiction to learning. Now that I have finished the Gold and I nolonger need to wait for paperwork or prove to anonymus outsiders that I really did what I said I would do I think I'll attempt to keep a record of what else I do to progress my addiction. It's certainly not something I want to cure.

  • Skill: Coin collecting, not professional or worth anything but I was proud of finding ecery mintage of 20c coin since 1966 when they were introduced.
  • Physical: I think that was bike riding.
  • Camp: on a shcool trip, this is where I started DofE
  • Volunteering: Youth Leader
  • Skill: First aid certificate: Blu card so I can play with children.
  • Physical: Catamaran sailing
  • Camp: ?
  • Volunteering: Youth Leader again, actually I have been doing this since Sunday school

  • Skill: Organizing a regular fortnightly LAN
  • Physical: Fencing, way cool
  • Camp: Nepal, trekking to base camp
  • Volunteering: Nepal, Painting a school and learning to stonewall.

  • Skill / Mental exercise: Citect Programming, Woot I am actually using a programming language rather than just learning it.
  • Physical: Latin dance
  • Camp: ?Suppose I need to set aside a weeks holiday for this?
  • Volunteering:  H2H, youth but a different age group; LAN, I already have the skill to do it now.
  • Spiritual Exercise: Read all the new testament (in the bible); Communion assistant
  • Social exercise: LAN, Beach Bible study. Wed Trivia??

  • Mental: Justice of the Peace?
  • Physical: Bellydancing Berzerker?
  • Spititual:
  • Social:
  • Camp: ?
  • Volunteering: Youth, CLW?