Friday, February 28, 2014

Mech Warrior Online: Returning to the frey

In the beginning when I got the founders pack for the unique mech I picked catapults because I thought they would be alive at the end of a match. But I never played much because my friends didn’t really like the game. I like the control scheme and the torso twist and I should really like the customisation options. Weather I run long ranged or close, go for speed or be a LRM boat, all strategies should be fairly effective. But never perfect. Just like in the early Final fantasy games where you had to have some diversity and couldn’t defeat every boss just my usine Ice powers
I like the spiders because they are small/fast and have jump jets. With this I should be able to seek out all the AFK kills. Or stealthily spot for the LRM boats that I usually roll out.
I still find the loadout system to be sparse on information and complicated. But I like Smurphy, much easier to see a loadout overview on that.

I should get a hero mech or two up to elite status before activating the 3 month of premium time that I have banked up, to maximise the %increase. Also need my founders mech to achieve master status. Which isn’t all that far away now. Soon I’ll have to decide on which hero mech to grind C-Bills with. Leaning towards a light, though it would be quick to level up a Jester due to my experience with the other Catapults. Alternatively I could wait for a hero with ECM, I like the strategy of the EMC but I haven’t tried one yet. EMC and AMS seem to be the only support mechanics available in this game.

But for now the current plan:
Rename the new centurion mech to zombie, and have 3 different types of SRM, to trial the targeting systems. I didn’t know what a zombie-build was but it seems I’d already built one [GroundBound]. Generally this means that you are still fully functional when it looks like you should be dead. The opposite would be a glass cannon with weapon systems in the arms, and an XL engine. Such that a crit hit to any part of the mech will disable or destroy you.
I should probably only keep the mechs that have a EXP boost so that I can get more pilot skills when they are maxed [S][C][F][H]. So once my three Catapults have completed the epic rank I’ll sell the 2 extras for parts and continue working my way to master status in my [F]. But no real need to sell anything until I fill up my last 2 mechbays, and no need to buy anything until I return from my sabbatical. At which point probably the most efficient way forward is the Jester followed by a batch of light mechs, just to make certain it is the spiders that I like best, and not a flamer stunlock build. Unless a really cool clan mech comes out.

I note that there is a new clan thingy coming out, which adds a different way to customise the omnimechs that are more technologically advanced. Seems that the new weapons will require more skill but be potentially more effective, and rather than swapping out components on your arms, the arms themselves are removed. Allowing re-configuration of the available hardpoints. Interestingly you have to pay to participate in the beta for these clan mechs as well as donating your time for bug fixes and rebalances. Overall none of this new system interests me.