Thursday, August 23, 2012

Horizon Eye Technique: to see without looking

The human eye can see in a 200° horizontal and 100° vertical Radius, but that is with looking at things out of the corner of your eye. To see without looking you need to rely on your peripheral vision. Focus where you are looking on the horizon in front of you, at whatever is in the furthest distance. But don’t look at clouds, they are too high and nondescript. Your peripheral vision still needs to be able to perceive your feet, so you can watch where you are walking.
Don’t take my word for it, have a go. Stand with your back to a wall and stretch your arms out to your sides, point your fingers away from the wall and wiggle them. Even if you look directly in front, away from the wall you should be able to detect the movement of your fingers in your peripheral vision.
Have a go when next you are driving, don’t watch the car directly ahead of you, look at the furthest point on the road. Then you can easily react to a train-crossing three intersections away from you as well as detect the cars near you using their break lights. Although I do find it hard to see the speedo I can notice cars behind me in the rear view mirrors.

Look at nothing, see everything.

Compared to this computer games are rather limited, maybe giving you a 30°x20° view of what’s happening. Thus I am interested in this new VR headset, 110° FOV is about half of what you are capable of when using this technique. This part (@2:52) compares what the VR headset can see as opposed to the human eye.

P.S. Peripheral vision is in Black& White.