Sunday, February 20, 2011

Something Else the Yeek Chronomancer

Something Else the Yeek Chronomancer

Unlock mineflayers
do the time portal quest again
no lag at level 20

I was considering a cursed to get the

bonus to exp, but this looked easier.


Generic skills:
Can I get anti-magic?
Chronomancy / Chronomancy
Heavy Armor

Class Skills:
Speed control looks good

Looks like I will need very divers stats

for those abilities.

Wow level 1 was hardto reach. I had to hug the stairs, so it saved everytime I
went to rest. Seems I need resistance to temporal damage and stuns to make propper use of stop and slow. so level 12 was far to early to take on subject Z. at least I know to expect him
next time. I couldnt run away from him let alone save the Yeek Wayist.