Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Truth is a matter of perspective.

Person 1: How do you spell telephone?
Person 2: T E L E F O N E
p1: Are you sure that doesn't look right
P2: hmm, yep that's it. why , how else could it be spelled?

Hopefully you get the idea. Both people know the truth but one of them is wrong (i'm usually P2). In this example there is:

The Truth
The Truth that I believe
The truth that you believe

Then when P1 finds the correct spelling and explains it to P2 there will be:

The truth that I want you to believe
The truth that I think you believe


Now P2 will start to doubt himself and there will be:

The truth that I want to believe but do not
The truth that I really believe
The truth that I want others to think I believe

Then when you turn these truths to other people and bring in a third party you start to have ninja truths. Everything is underneath the underneath.

How can you really know that something is true unless to can observe it to be so. And also observe that the null hypothesis is false.

This is how Darwin's theory of evolution became Darwin's law of evolution. Nobody can prove that it is false and there have been no better explanations of what has been observed.

Accidentally I have also given an example here of the difference between faith and logic.